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All-Mountain Snowboards

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$252.00 $419.95 40% Off
The Heartbreaker will pump energy back into your riding The Heartbreaker is made for all-mountain progression. The standard camber profile combines camber underfoot with rocker at the tip and tail for the perfect combination of snap and easy turn initiation. A Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation, exit and edge grip. Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increase durability by absorbing impact. The Heartbreaker is a soft-flexing all-mountain board for riders of all abilities. - Twin Standard Camber - Quadratic Sidecut - Extruded, Stone Ground Base - WMNS Performance™ Core - Slimewalls® - Single Impact Plates - Biaxial Glass - Design: Twin Standard Camber - Specialty: Park/Groomers - Response: Mellow
RIDE Snowboards Manic
$257.00 $429.95 40% Off
Tackle any and all terrain on this directional hybrid camber beauty The Manic is designed to take on the entire mountain. The Directional Standard Camber shape has camber between the bindings for snap and control with rocker at the tip and tail, providing effortless turn initiation and performance. The Quadratic Sidecut improves turn initiation/exit and edge grip. Slimewalls® provide a smooth ride and increased durability. Linear Carbon is positioned below the core for snap and ollie power without added stiffness. The softer flex of the Manic makes it a solid all-mountain board for beginner to intermediate riders. Construction Features: - Directional Standard Camber - Quadratic Sidecut - Extruded, Stone Ground Base - Foundation™ Core - Slimewalls® - Linear Carbon - Single Impact Plates - Biaxial Glass - Roll-In Construction - Design: Directional Standard Camber - Specialty: Groomers/Pow - Response: Mellow
K2 First Lite
The perfect companion for the entry-level snowboarder, the K2 First Lite is the tool that helps women of all ages catch the bug that is snowboarding. Built to instill confidence in new riders and keep them coming back for more, the First Lite's foundation is a directional twin shape and is topped off with K2's Catch-Free™ Tune. This makes learning how to snowboard both regular and switch as easy as possible - as the snowboard will feel identical riding in both directions. The K2 First Lite uses our Rocker Profile featuring our Catch Free Tune, meaning that the snowboard is flat in between the bindings with rocker just outside the bindings. This results in easy turn initiation and release of every turn. Easier release equals fewer falls, less time taking breaks, more time on the mountain, and faster progression. Feature 1: Aspen Core - A single species lightweight wood core that delivers smooth flex and lively rebound. Feature 2: Biax Glass - A fiberglass weave intersecting at 90º angles provides the proper torsional flexibility and strength. Feature 3: Catch-Free™ Tune - A 2° bevel and factory detuned tip and tail reduce falls and make linking turns more achievable. Feature 4: Hybritech™ Sidewall Construction - A K2 exclusive. By transitioning from a P-Tex sidewall into a capped construction in the tip and tail of our snowboards, we can reduce waste while giving our snowboards better energy transfer and making them more durable than our competitors. Feature 5: Extruded 2000 Base - A low maintenance and smooth gliding base material that's durable and easy to repair.
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