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Ski Boot Fitting

Boots That Fit

Pacific Bike & Ski can help you reach your highest potential by guiding you through a Personalized Boot Fitting Process to ensure your all-day comfort.  Common problems such as numbness, cramping, soreness, and unwanted movement and slipping can be eliminated.

Your ski boots don’t have to be uncomfortable.

Our process is simple, we evaluate your foot structure and flexibility , your boot’s shape and performance characteristics. We build the proper, custom footbed and perform any needed shell modification. The final product is a more comfortable and responsive fit than you have ever had or expected to have.


The first step to our fit process is a Foot Structure Evaluation. This is a critical process that will allow us to identify your sources of discomfort. Flexibility, bone structure, previous injuries, and medical problems such as bunions and neuromas are discussed and evaluated to be sure we find the solution to your comfort issues.


Following the evaluation, we will select new boots based on size, shape and flex. Your new boot will be chosen using the unique characteristics of your foot and leg shape and your required performance attributes as a guide.


Once we have selected your boot we will custom build a new footbed to provide a supportive foundation that will allow for accurate and effective final adjustments to be made to your new boots. Custom molded footbeds will stabilize and position your foot properly thereby increasing responsiveness and  eliminating pressure points.


Final adjustments will be made for proper cuff alignment and buckle placement followed by any shell modification needed. These final adjustments are the finishing touches on your new, totally comfortable boots.

A follow-up call will be made after a week or two to discuss the overall effectiveness of the fit process, make minor adjustments, and to answer any other questions you may have.

Ski Boot Fitting

When Should You Get Fit?

The best time to take advantage of boot fitting services is prior to making a purchase. Our experienced fitters can discuss your specific goals, take measurements of your foot anatomy, assess your stance and balance, and suggest several models to try on. Plan to spend about an hour with us, and be sure to bring along your favorite pair of socks. And, if you’ve owned boots previously, bring your old pair with you—they can help your fitter make a more informed recommendation.

Snowboard Boots

Our Boot Fitting Services

Our friendly staff have the expertise to help guide you towards the best fitting equipment. When recommending ski and snowboard boots, we’ll help narrow down the options based on your priorities—whether it’s being as comfortable as possible, achieving your best performance, or finding the perfect balance of both. Once a selection has been made, we offer additional services, such as stance alignment, heat molding, custom insoles, and shell modification, as well as care and storing information, to ensure you receive the maximum enjoyment and lifespan from your new equipment. 

Schedule your boot fitting today.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ready to find the boots that will support you through all of your winter adventures? We have an excellent selection from top brands, and we're here to ensure that your boots are the perfect fit. Stop by today to view our selection.